When purchasing a property, you are investing time, money and effort, with all of these factors in play you have to find a Real estate agent that you can trust. Real estate agents come in all shapes and sizes, specialties and experience, finding one whose background best aligns with your investment goals is the most important step to ensure that your real estate investments are solid.

Here are 5 questions to ask potential Real estate agents when shopping around.

1. Are you a licensed Real estate agent? Can you show me your license?

2. How long have you been a Real estate agent and how many buyers have you worked with?

3. Do you have an administrative assistant?

4. Can you provide three recent references?

5. Do you require pre-qualification or pre-approval before looking at homes?

These are just introductory questions when interviewing Real estate agents, you should compile a list of at least 15-20 questions prior to interviews. If you need additional questions, feel free to contact me at 972-989-0430.

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